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Equipment and Transport Facilities

Trans-Tech Logistics (Pty) Ltd owns and operates equipment that is compliant with commercial vehicle regulations enforced on-road by Ministry of Transportation enforcement officers and police officers, as well as through facility audits.

Our in-house mechanical workshop manned by qualified mechanics conduct regular inspections on our vehicles to make sure they are being operated safely by qualified drivers. Where a motor vehicle or trailer is found to be in such an unsafe condition that it endangers other people on the highway, the vehicle is prohibited from operating until required repairs are made.

They make sure that all trucks have high quality waterproof tarpaulins, black plastic sheets, strong strapping ropes and belts and other equipment and accessories as required by customer and of high quality in line with standards as required by regulatory authorities.

Loading & Unloading

The Loading & Unloading /handling activity at TransTech comprises the loading and offloading of goods and their transfer to warehouses or storage areas.

Consolidation & Procurement

Combining cargo of many consignees into one shipment (Full truck load) and then prepare it for shipping is better known as consolidation in the freight industry. Consolidation service typically involves the cargo transportation to the stuffing point, stuffing of cargo in container, custom process of shipping documents, and finally re-packing, if necessary, for delivery.

TransTech follows all the customer requirements in the shipping instructions given to us and take care of the cargo warehousing, securing and loading into the container. Consolidation can significantly reduce the cost of moving smaller volumes of goods by moving the goods together. The client enjoys the low shipment saving cost.


TransTech rents warehouses and is building a 12 300 m² warehouse on a lease to buy basis, that permit a smooth rotation during freight unloading/loading operations. TransTech handles a total warehouse capacity of 70,000 metric tons of cargo per year.


The activity involves supplying freight services and organizing trans-shipment on behalf of international shipping companies.

Custom Clearance

The activity involves performing all administrative and customs clearance for its customers, before and after transportation.


The activity enables TransTech to forward goods mainly by truck to their destination within the SADC region.

Tracking & Security

All our trucks are fitted with fuel probes and Geotab tracking devices which report using both satellite and GPRS monitored 24/7. Automated tracking reports are sent out twice daily, the first one at 07h00 and the other at 16h00 and our operations department sends another detailed report every morning before 09h00.

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