About Transtech Logistics

Introduction to Transtech Logistics

TRANS-TECH LOGISTICS (PTY) LTD is a multi-disciplined Logistics Company, operating in South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is a company that is embracing the opportunities presented by the liberalized economy and the new technologies available. We are a Company drawing upon the benefit of over 15 years of experience in logistics industry.

As a Logistics Company our goal is to offer our clients and end users the best possible superior service which they will be proud to call their own. Our philosophy has been and always will be to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our corporate culture and service are focused on core values namely integrity, teamwork, respect for all people and cultures, safety, corporate citizenship, innovation and total customer satisfaction. It is these core values together with the calibre and professionalism of all our staff, who share in the values of the Company, which make us unique.

We are constantly developing and investing in skills upgrading and systems to support our drive for continued improvement in service delivery. The most demanding projects are completed successfully and efficiently. Continuous improvements in our quality systems are undertaken by the introduction of best practice initiatives, strict adherence to specification, environmental policies, fostering of teamwork, and social responsibility.

Our Capabilities

We offer a range of Logistics capabilities to serve our customers. If required, from inception of the project to its completion.

We tailor the resources we apply to all projects to make sure that, with our customers and their suppliers we build a team that “owns” the logistics chain, anticipating possible problems and providing the desired solutions.
As change in the logistics sector accelerates, we are developing new ways of working with our customers in order to develop efficient and fair logistics chains designed to meet the needs of the customer.

Trans-Tech Logistics (Pty) Ltd has, in recent times undertaken “Partnering” with clients on their long-term logistics programme. Commercial pressure is maintained by benchmarking performances on a number of fronts, thus delivering continuous improvement in price, service and process.

We are committed to building close and beneficial relationships with all our customers – we are in the process of implementing our “Customer First” programme to improve our own skills and abilities and to provide service and quality every customer deserves.

Our Key Assets

Trans-Tech Logistics (pty) Ltd believes that their highly motivated and caring employees are one of the greatest assets of the Company. Advancement within the Group is measured by achieving performance criteria beyond the norm. All employees, therefore, have opportunities for continued personal growth within Trans-Tech Logistics Limited.

Our Values

We at Transtech believe Our Behaviour Based Quality Management System is key to responsibility and continuous work towards improving service delivery and customer satisfaction.


We maintain the highest ethical standards, honesty, reputation and soundness of business practices within the Company in everything we do.


We build on the knowledge and skills of all persons, empower our employees to act and achieve.

Respect for People and Cultures

Consideration of all persons and the provision of an environment, which allows employees freedom of expression and to achieve the right work and life balance. We embrace diversity.


We execute all activities safely, efficiently and cost effectively. We are committed to providing our employees and customers with the safest possible logistics environment.

Corporate Citizenship

We take responsibility for the focus on safety and corporate responsibility in all of our operations. We strive to create mutually rewarding relationships with all stakeholders, and where necessary the community at large.


We are committed to sustainable logistics service in adopting a balanced approach to the use of logistics resources, training and partnering.

Customer Satisfaction

We focus on building sustainable relationships and on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The delivery of superior service has become a way of life.


Quality Assurance
We are committed to achieving service delivery of the highest standard through the ongoing implementation and monitoring of management and quality control procedures.

This assurance encompasses monitoring to ensure that: –

(i) Service is delivered strictly in accordance with client’s instructions and specifications.
(ii) Processes which are found to be flawed are corrected to comply with the specifications.
(iii) delivery is done in accordance with the contractual programme.

Health and Safety

People are our most important asset and we recognize that their health, safety and welfare and that of all stakeholders are paramount. Health and Safety is managed actively at all levels of the Company and a strong team-based approach is promoted.

Our goal is simply stated to eliminate accidents and harm to people. As a minimum we comply with the relevant legislation as may be applicable. We work with our clients to raise standards in accordance with best standards requirements.

We appoint staff who are competent and encourage their personal development through regular appraisal, guidance, training and recognition.


We accept our responsibility to provide sustainable environmental practices and to minimise environmental impact by controlling waste, reducing pollution, using energy efficiently and acting at all times as good neighbours.

Best Practice

Benchmarking of our internal operations as well as competitive benchmarking is undertaken by Trans-Tech Logistics (pty) Ltd.

This enables us to measure performances, and the lessons learned form the basis to make targeted improvements.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is used to measure our performance, relative to logistics Performance and Company Performance.

The bottom line of using KPI is to improve our services in:-
(i) Customer satisfaction of logistics services
(ii) Time of delivery
(iii) Cost of service
(iv) Efficiency
(v) Safety


Planning and Control

Trip planning and the time management control is undertaken by Key Fleet asset management system.

“Key Fleet “integrates with the “Geotab tracking system to provide accurate time and asset control management. All our trucks are fitted with Geotab tracking units that report on both GPRS and Satellite to ensure coverage in the whole of Africa.
The integration brings about automated tracking reports and desired intervals directly to the client ensuring transparency in feedback. Detailed reports follow at prescribed times after consultation with other key players in the movement enhancing efficiency and resolutions to any setbacks.

Administration and Financial Reporting

Administration, accounting and record-keeping is undertaken with in-house electronic models using the Pastel package.

Audited statements are prepared by our Auditors, Kreston Chartered Accountants– Johannesburg


Company Management Committees

In compliance with stated Company policies and Legislation the following committees have been constituted to ensure compliance with good governance: –

(i) Disciplinary & Grievance Committee
(ii) Employee Representative Forum
(iii) Employment Equity Committee
(iv) Remuneration Committee
(v) Skill Development Committee

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