Transtech Logistics Fleet

Transtech Logistics has a versatile fleet of 80 Freightliner Tri-Axle trucks and 2 Super-links with an individual a capacity of up to 30 tons and 34 tons...


Why Transtech Logistics?

We’ve made it a priority to ensure that we are always accessible and flexible to our clients. We value our relationships with clients..


Satellite Tracking

As an additional value added service,Transtech Logistics has various online tools to allow clients easy monitoring of their cargo in real time..




 Transtech Logistics is Africa’s premier transport and Logistics Company offering comprehensive freight transportation solutions from collection, clearance and delivery between South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. The company was founded in 1997 and now it’s considered to be among the leading freight management logistics companies in Southern Africa.

The Transtech Logistics team is passionate about providing best in class freight management services to our valued customers. Our services are poised for further growth and refinement as we continuously push the boundaries in determining the best possible strategies and technology necessary to make our client experience even better. Our combined knowledge and experience gives our management team additional insight into each customer’s transportation challenges and how best we could cater for them. In many cases our company becomes an extension of the customers’ traffic department, bringing convenience and value in the process.

With 19 years of experience that we carry with us, our company is aligned with business values which mandate a diverse community in people, ethnic groups, and industry expertise. This diversity ensures that we have in-house staff representing all primary disciplines in the logistic business giving us more leverage and confidence in dealing with day to day client requirements.  As a professional company we understand that each client’s logistic needs are as distinct as they are and therefore we provide customised, tailor-made service that are specifically engineered to cater for each client’s needs. We treat every client cargo as our own as we continue in our tireless pursuit of excellence in providing reliable quality services.

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